Finland is a trusted data centre location

Finland offers ideal conditions for data centres and is trusted by the biggest ICT companies in the world.

Leading companies like Google, Telecitygroup and Atos have chosen Finland as a location for their data centres in recent years, and the list of ICT giants attracted to Finland is still growing. Russian company Yandex, which runs the world’s fourth most popular internet search engine, is currently building a data centre in Mäntsälä in southern Finland. Microsoft has also announced that it is investing more than USD 250 million in a data centre in Finland.

“Finland has a great deal to offer the global data centre industry, including the lowest energy costs in Europe, highly productive IT engineers and competitive labour costs,” says Dr. Osmo Koskinen, who represented Invest in Finland at the recent Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, United States. According to Koskinen, Yandex considered many possible locations before deciding to establish its data centre in Finland due to its ideal climate, low server cooling costs and cheap electricity.

Global reputation

Timo Antikainen, Vice President, Invest in Finland, is confident that more international companies will be building data centres in Finland in the near future. Invest in Finland provides free information and support for international companies considering Finland as a data centre location.

Antikainen also participated in the conference in Las Vegas, which gathered thousands of data centre specialists from all over the world to discuss the transformation of infrastructure and operations in the industry. “Finland has established an excellent reputation among data centre experts worldwide, so it is a great pleasure to meet old customers and get to know new ones at events like the Gartner Data Center Conference,” he says.