Finland has significant undiscovered nickel resources

New assessment by the Geological Survey of Finland covers 20% of Finland’s land area within the uppermost one kilometre of bedrock.

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) has published an assessment of undiscovered nickel resources within the uppermost one kilometre of Finnish bedrock. Twenty-six permissive tracts were delineated for synorogenic intrusive deposits, 30 for komatiitic deposits, and 15 for Talvivaara type Ni-Zn-Cu-Co deposits. Altogether, the tracts cover an area of 65 700 km2, which is 20% of the total land area of Finland. The total estimated undiscovered nickel resources in Finland amount to 4.96 million tons.

According to the assessment, most of the undiscovered synorogenic intrusive nickel resources are located within permissive tracts around the Central Finland Granitoid Complex. The Kotalahti and Vammala tracts together are estimated to contain 52 % of all the undiscovered intrusive Ni+Cu+Co resources. The undiscovered komatiitic resources are evenly distributed between the greenstone belts of northern and eastern Finland. Both areas are estimated to contain about 50 % of the total undiscovered komatiitic Ni+Cu+Co. The Kuhmo–Suomussalmi tract is estimated to contain 30 % of all Ni+Cu+Co in undiscovered komatiitic deposits.

Finland is attractive investment location

GTK serves as Finland’s national geoscientific information centre and is an agency of Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy. According to GTK, Finland offers the exploration industry a favorable investment and operating environment with significant potential for new discoveries as many commodities still are highly underexplored. Present activity is concentrated in gold, platinum group metals, base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals.

GTK’s work has played an important role in making Finland one of the world’s most interesting mining investment locations. Finland has excellent geological databases, good infrastructure and readily available exploration services. According to GTK, these factors make operating in Finland attractive and cost effective.

Source: GTK