Finland has 160 nanotechnology research groups

The number of Finnish nanotechnology companies has increased three-fold in three years.

There are about 160 nanotechnology research groups operating in Finland in 15 universities and research institutes. According to Eeva Viinikka, Business Director of Culminatum Innovation Ltd, one of the reasons for the success is the funding given to Centres of Excellence. Researchers have been able to carry out long-term work rather than the research being tied to individual projects.

The Nanotechnology Cluster Programme is a network and gateway to the expertise of Finnish nano- and microtechnologies and future materials. Some of the programme’s focus areas include sustainable and efficient energy production, distribution, storage and use protective and preservatory use of water, air and soil efficient and environmentally friendly use of scarce resources promotion of health and wellbeing of humans, including ageing and the environment, Health & Safety of product lifecycle.

Source: Tekniikka&Talous, Nanotechnology Cluster Programme