Finland excels in energy efficient data centres

Finland is a top location for data centres thanks to its ideal climate, social and environmental stability, highly educated workforce, and favourable legislation. An innovative Finnish cooler makes maximum use of the heat produced in a data centre.

The new technology provides both cooling and heating from the same unit

Rittal Oy, the Finnish subsidiary of the German company Rittal, the world’s leading supplier of housing and enclosure systems, has developed a unique new cooler for data centres and IT equipment premises, which is currently being introduced on the Finnish market. The new technology provides both cooling and heating from the same unit and is able to utilise almost all the waste heat produced in a data centre. The heat can be used, for example, in heating water and premises or in industrial processes.

A Finnish cooling innovation - huge commercial potential

According to Rittal Oy, the coolers currently on the market usually release all the waste energy from data centres into the open air. The company estimates the commercial potential of the Finnish invention be in tens of millions of euros over the next few years. The new technology could pay for itself in less than two years.

Rittal Oy was established in Finland in 1991 to import and market Rittal’s products in Finland. The company has almost 50 employees and its turnover in 2010 was about EUR 24 million. Rittal is the largest company in the Friedhelm Loh Group and its global presence spans 63 subsidiaries, 12 production sites and 40 agencies world-wide.

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