Blog / 10.11.2016

Finland can fix Silicon Valley’s problem

Antti Aumo, Head of Invest in Finland, Finpro

Companies are losing talent. The cost of living is continuously rising in Silicon Valley, so are the demands for benefits. The Valley is being drained of experienced talent.


And the grass is getting greener on the other side. In the search for more exciting jobs to add to their CVs, these digital natives are jumping constantly from one company to another. But as they never have enough time to grow deep roots in one company, it’s difficult for them to have a deep customer- or solution-specific understanding.  


Companies have solved this increasingly complex issue by setting up satellite offices around North America. This is more cost efficient than the stellar salaries in Silicon Valley, for sure. Yet these new emerging clusters are lacking lengthy IT experience and the in-depth industry insight resulting from it. These are good people, but still on their path to becoming world-class digital professionals.


For your Next Big Thing, you need the best professionals. And that’s why you should take a look at Finland.


Finland is a Technology Superpower brimming with extremely talented engineers. They are deeply experienced in delivering high quality results in global, multi-site new product development projects across all areas of software and hardware design and integration. Finland’s talent is multi-lingual:  English is common as our talent is used to collaborating on projects across the globe. In fact, most Finns speak at least three languages and travel extensively. Maybe the reason is our long heritage in domains such as telecom, mobile, data security and gaming, or the problem solving, can-do attitude of our digital luminaries. Either way, let Finland fix your problem.


To learn more about our digital prowess, please read more about business opportunities on the Finnish ICT & Digitalization domains or contact my colleague in the Bay Area, Richard Stanaro. Richard helps you to evaluate if Finland can be a part of your growth plan. To find his contact details, simply click here.


Antti Aumo
Head of Invest in Finland, Finpro
Antti loves creative technology that makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives. He believes that combining the best that Silicon Valley and Finland offer can really change the world.