Finland attracts more Germans to take cottage vacations

New campaign aims to double the number of German tourists using holiday cottages in Finland.

A new campaign by the Finnish Tourism Board and providers of rental holiday cottages in Finland aims to bring more German holiday-makers to stay in cottage accommodation in Finland. International clients make up about a third of the total rental market for cottages in Finland, with Russians contributing half of the business and Germans 8%. The campaign aims to increase the number of German clients to about 15%, according to Juha-Pekka Olkkola, managing director of Lomarengas Oy, the largest rental cottage broker in Finland.

There are about half a million cottages in Finland of which 10,000 are rented through professional channels. Lomarengas offers about 3500 cottages for rent, most of which are located in major holiday centres. Olkkola says that German clients are particularly looking to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, so Lomarengas is looking for new properties and has also started cooperation with Interhome, Europe’s leading provider of rental holiday properties. Most of the properties offered by Lomarengas will also be available on Interhome’s web pages in the future, which Olkkola believes will strengthen the company’s position in Germany and the rest of Europe.

New market research among Germans who take cottage vacations shows that they see Finland as an interesting destination. In 2010 about 300,000 Germans visited Finland, a figure Olkkola hopes will increase to half a million, with at least 10% of the tourists taking cottage vacations.

Source: Kauppalehti