Finland and the US join forces in the name of learning

The Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), and the American National Science Foundation (NSF) have embarked on research collaboration funding in the areas of learning and education.

The first joint research projects between the Finnish and US research units have started, focusing on a broad view of learning, which thus also includes learning in working life.

― The US and Finnish researchers have a common research plan for the projects. The objects of the research were chosen in the dialogues, workshops and project preparations held between the NSF, the Academy of Finland and Tekes. Some examples are learning through games, multicultural barriers, and making use of IT and the social media, explains Eero Silvennoinen, Director of Information Technology at Tekes.

The research co-operation covers also learning in working life

The director in charge of co-ordinating the research work, Jari Multisilta, from the University of Helsinki, believes the co-operation could also lead to expertise that can be developed into a business.

Further plans involve building a virtual institute around the subjects of maths and natural science. The institute’s activities would also include, for example, research co-operation and researcher exchanges.

Nine joint projects are in the pipeline, six of which are funded by the Academy of Finland and three by Tekes.

Source: Good News from Finland

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