Finland among least malware infected countries in the world

Research by Microsoft shows that Finland is successful in preventing malware infections in computers.

Finland is one of the leading countries in the world for preventing malware infections in computers, according to research published by Microsoft. Microsoft’s research uses a metric called computers cleaned per thousand (CCM) which represents the number of reported computers cleaned for every 1,000 executions of the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT). Finland had the best CCM trend score compared to the worldwide average, measured over a period of six quarters in 2009-2010

According to Tim Reins, author of the report, Finland and other countries with low levels of malware infection have several characteristics in common. Firstly, there are strong public – private partnerships that enable proactive and response capabilities. Secondly, CERTs, Internet Service Providers and others are actively monitoring for threats like botnets and criminal Internet users, which enables a rapid response to emerging threats. Other helpful factors are an IT culture where system administrators respond rapidly to reports of system infections or abuse, and effective enforcement policies and active remediation of threats via quarantining infected systems on networks in the region.

In Finland it is the task of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora) to ensure that everyone has access to versatile, effective and secure communications in Finland. Ficora maintains an overview of the functionality of electronic communications networks and information security, and reports of eventual information security threats. Its objectives also include increasing awareness about information security in homes and companies in Finland.

Sources: Microsoft, Tietovikko, Ficora