Finland aims to lead sustainable development in the Arctic region

Finnish government expects increasing economic activity and industrial growth in the Arctic region.

The government of Finland has issued a new strategy for the Arctic region, which will be presented to parliament in September. The strategy advocates the protection and ecologically sustainable economic and social development of the Arctic land and sea areas. In global climate negotiations, Finland supports ambitious emission reduction targets.

According to the government, it is of great national interest to Finland to be one of the leading countries in Arctic maritime technology and shipping. The expansion of mining in the region offers new business opportunities in terms of mining technology and increasing transport volumes.

“However, we need to bear in mind that the region’s resources must be utilised sustainably with due regard to the environment and the well-being of the local population,” says Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen.

Energy and cleantech expertise

Finland is in a position to offer special expertise related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The Arctic region needs new electricity transmission lines and decentralised energy production. The increased economic activity and industrial growth will provide major opportunities for cleantech expertise.

“The potential offered by the region is important to the efforts to promote economic growth and welfare in all countries. Finland’s advantage lies in its extensive Arctic expertise. In the next few years, further development of this expertise and new forms of cross-border cooperation will only gain in importance,” says Katainen.

All the eight Arctic countries have their own strategies for the region. The Finnish government views its new strategy as the most comprehensive in terms of scope, objectives and the tangible proposals for attaining these objectives.

Source: Prime Minister’s Office