Finland aims to be a model of Arctic expertise

The Finnish Government aims to develop Finland into a model of Arctic expertise and utilise the country’s knowledge of Arctic conditions.

The Government’s policies highlight Finland’s Arctic stature and the need to maintain Lapland’s position as a safe and stable operating environment. Economic and political interest in the Arctic Region is growing as the effects of climate change continue to increase.

The Government believes that the area can offer Finland significant opportunities through the lengthening growing season and the country’s climate-related expertise.

New business opportunities in the Arctic Region

The policies that the Government’s evening session laid out are based on four priorities: Finland is an Arctic country Finland has Arctic expertise Finland respects the principles of sustainable development and environmental considerations and Finland is committed to international cooperation on Arctic issues.

These will be explored through four themes, which are education and research, unleashing new business opportunities in the Arctic region, the environment and comprehensive security, and international cooperation.

The policies are in line with the goal, decided on and entered in the Government Programme in May 2012, to define the Arctic priorities during the autumn 2012. Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region will be revised by April 2013 under the auspices of the Advisory Board on Arctic Affairs.


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