Fiksu opens European R&D headquarters in Helsinki

Fiksu Inc has announced the opening of a dedicated European R&D Headquarters based in Helsinki, Finland. The office will support the company’s worldwide growth and enable geographic proximity to a growing client base in Europe.

The new office of Fiksu in Helsinki will also provide the company’s global clients with enhanced development and implementation expertise. Fiksu’s global clients, among others, include Finnish app powerhouse Rovio. Key influencers of Fiksu’s decision to open the office in Helsinki included several development advantages offered by the city of Helsinki and the private-public Kaato business community initiative.

“By opening our European R&D Headquarters in Helsinki, we have significantly enhanced our ability to do business not only in the EMEA but on a global basis," said Micah Adler, CEO, Fiksu. "With support from Invest In Finland and Kaato, we have been able to establish a first-class base in Finland. These two organisations have used their expertise to make our opening as smooth as possible and their help with recruitment has been excellent.”

“Of course by headquartering our R&D in Helsinki, Fiksu can tap into the legendary pool of mobile engineering talent that Finland is known for.” concluded Adler.

Finland is an attractive location for ICT companies strengthening R&D

“As Fiksu is our first successful case in the Helsinki area, this is a big day for Kaato”, says Kimmo Ojuva, General Manager at Kaato. “It proves that our unique business-in approach speeds up the process of establishing operations in Finland, and it also shows that Finland is an attractive location for information and communications companies seeking to strengthen their R&D teams. The co-operation between Invest in Finland and Kaato in the Fiksu case, is proof of how the business community can add value to traditional foreign direct investment (FDI) work.” said Ojuva.

"We hope Finnish moblile expertise to help Fiksu to grow in Europe. We are more than happy with all the jobs created to the Finnish mobile sector", says Visa Järvinen from Invest in Finland.

Services with high quality effectively

Finland-based Rovio, a Fiksu client, commented, "We are happy with the quality and effectiveness of the services provided by Fiksu. We are also glad to see them expanding their functions to Helsinki, close to Rovio Entertainment and other developers that make Finland a hotbed of game development," commented Tero Raij, Senior Vice President at Rovio Entertainment.

The office will employ a contingent of engineering staffers, including software engineers, architects, and developers, and strength is expected to grow to 15 full time positions in the first year in order to address the steadily increasing demand for Fiksu's services from a global customer base.

Source: Invest in Finland