Ficolo to expand unique data centre in Finland

Finnish company Ficolo is also seeking cooperation with international companies that offer cloud services.

Ficolo Oy, Finland’s first data centre company to focus on colocation services, is seeking further growth through new international clients, as well as developing and expanding its data centre infrastructure. The company currently has more than 30 clients, ranging from listed companies to large public bodies, and received a EUR 1 million capital investment from Finda Oy earlier this year.

Ficolo’s 8,500 square metre data centre is located in Ulvila, western Finland, in a unique underground tunnel network originally quarried for use by the Finnish Defence Forces. Due to increased demand, Ficolo is now preparing to expand to a new underground tunnel.

Cost-effective and secure location

“We are more cost-effective than data centres in other parts of western Europe, and often only half the price of those in the Helsinki region. Thanks to our expertise, our operating model and our cost efficiency, we have also made deals with ICT companies in Russia, which are experiencing substantial growth,” says Seppo Ihalainen, Managing Director of Ficolo.

According to Ficolo, Finland offers an excellent data centre location thanks to its stable society and well-functioning infrastructure, affordable energy prices, and the availability of green and renewable energy. In addition, Finland’s moderate climate provides energy efficiency benefits and the country is not prone to natural disasters.

Sources: Satakunnan Kansa, Ficolo