Europe’s largest full-range soy protein plant to be built in Finland

Finnprotein Ltd, an early-stage soy processing company backed by Renaissance Partners, has secured EUR100mn of financing for the construction of a multi-stage soy processing plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland – the largest facility of its type in Europe.

"We are delighted to have brought this leading technology project to Finland. Renaissance Partners seeks constructive partnerships in all its investments around the world, and this closing typifies the marriage of entrepreneurial international capital with the strongest domestic institutions," adds Chris Baxter, CEO of Renaissance Partners.

“We are pleased that Finland qualified as the most attractive destination to implement this investment,” says Atso Vainio, Vice President, Partner Network, at Invest in Finland, which promotes foreign direct investment into Finland and brought the international and Finnish parties together. “Right from the start, there will be a positive impact at the national level, in terms of substantial economic and employment benefits, new technology and knowhow.”

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