Europe’s largest full-range protein plant will start in Finland

Finnprotein Ltd, an early-stage soy processing company, has reached its initialization stage and will start its operation in Uusikaupunki in October 2013.

The first soy delivery from Brazil arrived to Uusikaupunki harbor at the end of July. The Finnprotein soy processing plant extracts protein and oil from soybeans for the animal feed, human food and biodiesel industries. The plant, which is the largest facility of its type in Europe, applies advanced multi-stage extraction technology.

“Soy protein is a valuable proteinaceous ingredient, sought after by food and feed producers who can no longer rely on unsustainable, and increasingly expensive animal protein,” explained one of the financiers, Kai Becker, CEO, Pontos Group earlier.

Production from non-genetically modified soy

The soy processing plant, which is Finland’s largest greenfield investment, succeeded in raising approximately EUR 100 million of investment capital for its production in late 2011. The company is owned by Russian investment firm Reneissance Partners, and additional financing was provided by a group of Finnish investors and financiers.

Uusikaupunki was selected as the location because it has great connections to customers in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic countries. With the investment, the Uusikaupunki harbor has expanded and experienced more activity.

Finnprotein aims to reach annual sales of EUR 200 million next year. The processing plant uses non-genetically modified soy, and there are plans to expand its processing activity in 2017.

Sources: Uudenkaupungin Sanomat, Maaseudun tulevaisuus