Electronic marketing and retail services expected to develop fast in Finland

Online business is becoming significant particularly in the home and speciality goods trade, according to leading Finnish retail group.

Business opportunities in the online retail trade are expected to grow significantly in Finland in the near future. Major changes affecting retail stores will concern the interaction between the stores and customers, constant contacts and the multi-channel approach, according to Matti Halmesmäki, President and CEO of the Kesko Group, a leading retail group in Finland that has about 2,000 stores operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Belarus.

Kesko believes that electronic marketing and electronic, interactive customer business models will become the key competitive factor in the near future. “Online transactions are increasing and the Internet will have a larger role to play in the planning of shopping," says Halmesmäki.

Kesko Group already has five online stores for consumer goods, including NetAnttila, which has been the best-known and most popular online department store in Finland for several years. Kesko is also planning to speed up the development of it e-marketing and services throughout the entire K-Group and Kesko Group.

Kesko has several ongoing projects related to electronic customer communications. Electronic systems are also used for predicting demand and managing the chain selection and pricing on the basis of the customer structure.

Source: Kesko