Case study

EDI-Soft brings Finland’s logistics chain into the 21st Century

EDI-Soft, a Norwegian-owned software house, started up in Finland in summer 2011. The company sees huge potential in taking Finland´s logistics chain into the electronic era.

EDI-Soft is a Scandinavian-wide company that develops and markets software for transportation administration. There are over 7,000 customers using EDI-Soft´s intelligent solutions for managing transportation administration. In addition to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the company now operates in Finland, too. EDI-Soft Group employs 70 professionals altogether, and its revenues in 2010 were 7.3 million euros.


Why did EDI-Soft decide to locate in Finland?


“Only 40% of Finnish logistics documentation is in electronic form whereas in Norway and Denmark the rate is over 80%, and in Sweden nearly 100%. We want to raise Finland to the same level,” says Petri Karjalainen, Sales Director at EDI-Soft Oy, the Finnish subsidiary of the company. “The potential in Finland is huge,” he adds.

What kind of challenges did you face during the location process in Finland?


“Everything went fine. We already had a good understanding of Finland´s logistics marketplace, and we got assistance from local Finnish experts with the legal requirements and paperwork involved in establishing a subsidiary ,” Karjalainen explains.


How do you feel about the Finnish business environment?


“The atmosphere is a bit expecting. Everybody in the logistics field knows there is a big change coming with the electronification of the chain, but no one is quite sure what to do or how to do it in order to keep up with the development.” “On the other hand, logistics companies seem to be very interested in intelligent logistics and new software solutions, and I must admit, selling is quite a lot of fun nowadays,” Karjalainen smiles.


What are your future plans?


“EDI-Soft forecasts that it will have 1,000 customers in Finland by 2013, and that a fifth of the group´s turnover would then derive from the Finnish market,” Mr. Karjalainen reveals. “In our product development we are interested in smart phones, for example, as an interface for intelligent logistics. All our innovations will be of great benefit to our Finnish customers as well.”