E-commerce increased by over 10% in Finland in 2011

Finnish consumers spent more than EUR 10 billion on products and services from e-stores and online shopping is growing much faster than the retail trade as a whole.

Travel products and services were the most popular purchases with EUR 3.6 billion, with men especially increasing their purchases of travel services. More men have also purchased electronics, car accessories and spare parts, and computer and console games from foreign e-stores. Women have slightly increased their online purchases of clothes, train tickets and books.

The value of retail trade products purchased online increased by 14% to EUR 3.3 billion or almost 8% of the total retail trade turnover in Finland, excluding sales of cars and fuel. This growth rate was significantly higher than the 5.2% increase experienced by the Finnish retail trade as a whole in 2011. The most popular online retail products were electronics, followed by clothes, music and movies, and furnishing and gardening products.

The online retail of groceries increased by almost 80% from the year before, which reflected both the expanded offering by Finnish companies and a rapid increase in online orders from international e-stores, especially for wine, according to Ville Wikström, director of TNS Gallup’s Digital unit. Online sales of footwear increased by 25%, and pet products also enjoyed more than 20% sales growth. In total, sales from Finnish e-stores increased by 13% and from foreign e-stores by 15% compared to the previous year.

E-commerce is particularly important for Finland’s specialty retail trade, with almost a fifth of the products now purchased online. According to the Federation of Finnish Commerce, the growth of e-commerce has opened opportunities for new entrepreneurs who have been able to take a significant market share very quickly, as has happened in the market for footwear, for example.

Source: Federation of Finnish Commerce