Domestic leisure trips with overnight stays up by 40% in Finland

The number of trips abroad with overnight stays also increased by 10% in April, with cruises to Estonia doubling in number.

Finnish residents made over half a million trips with paid accommodation in Finland in April 2011, which was almost 40% more than in the same period one year ago. One fifth of these trips were to Lapland, according to Statistics Finland’s Finnish Travel Survey.

The number of trips abroad by Finnish residents, with an overnight stay in the destination country, also increased by 10% from the year before. In April Finnish residents made 534,000 leisure trips abroad. A total of 378,000 trips included one or more overnight stays in the country of destination. Estonia was the most popular destination with 21% of total number the trips. The number of cruises to Estonia doubled compared to April last year. Sweden was the next most popular destination with 9% of the total number of trips.

Finnish residents also made 2.7 million leisure trips in Finland, which was an increase of 13% compared to April 2010. The majority of the trips included free accommodation at people’s own holiday residences, or with friends and relatives or in some other type of free accommodation.

These preliminary data are based on Statistics Finland’s Finnish Travel Survey, for which 1,456 persons aged 15 to 74 permanently resident in Finland were interviewed in May.

Source: Statistics Finland