Disney acquires Finnish HTML5 engine developer Rocket Pack

Rocket Pack’s engine will help Disney to develop games that can be played across all devices and web browsers.

Disney has acquired the Finnish start-up company Rocket Pack, creators of the HTML5 Rocket Engine for professional game developers. Games developed for Rocket Engine can be loaded directly to browsers, including mobile and tablet devices.

Helsinki-based Rocket Pack will become a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company in the Disney Interactive Media Group. The price of the acquisition has not been disclosed but industry experts estimate it to be between USD 10 million and USD 20 million.

Rocket Pack was established just one year ago and has recently launched a game called Warimals which is about the everlasting battle between cats and dogs. It is the first HTML5 game based on its Rocket Engine and was specifically designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the engine.

The Rocket Engine gives developers tools to create games that work on web browsers without the need to download anything. According to Rocket Pack, the engine was designed to fully integrate solutions for plugin-free browser game development. The engine works with Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Android, and most major browsers on a PC or Mac. According to Rocket Pack, its engine can handle many kinds of social multiplayer features, including virtual currency to buy virtual goods.

Industry analysts say that Disney’s acquisition signals a move in the game-development community towards HTML5 games, which can be played across almost every modern device and web browser. With the help of Rocket Pack, Disney is aiming to distribute its content across as many platforms as possible and circumvent app store purchasing.

Sources: Talouselämä, Rocket Pack, Industry Gamers