Digital health expert Don Jones hails Finnish startups

Finland is a global leader in the number of health and wellbeing technology startups.

Finland has the most digital health startups in the world in relative to the size of its population, according to Don Jones, Chief Digital Officer at Scripps Translational Science Institute. Finland is also second in the world in terms of the total number of digital health startups immediately after the United States­­.

“There are about 5000 health and wellbeing technology startups in the world, of which 300 are from Finland,” says Jones in an interview with the Finnish business daily Kauppalehti. According to Jones, Finland’s small domestic market also makes Finnish entrepreneurs more oriented towards international markets, while the rest of Europe is more focused on their internal markets.

Innovative solutions

“Finland has top know-how, you understand programs and mobile technology. You have many early pioneers like Suunto, Polar and Nokia. You have a good can-do spirit and excellent possibilities to build the businesses of the future,” says Jones.

The Finns are especially skillful at innovating clinical solutions, according to Jones. In his view, the most important factor for success in the digital health technology field is cooperation between partners, device manufacturers or mobile operators.

Source: Kauppalehti