Deloitte CEO Barry Salzberg praises Finland’s strengths

Finland has established a reputation for technology, innovations, education and the game industry, according to Salzberg.

Finland could be described as Europe’s Silicon Valley, according to Barry Salzberg, CEO of Deloitte, the global provider of audit, consulting and other professional services. Salzberg has been visiting Finland this week and is confident about the country’s future.

“Finland has been ranked as one of the most competitive countries for many years. This is based on the ease of business, taxation, innovations and the quality of education,” Salzberg told the Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti.

According to Salzberg, the rest of the world knows Finland as a stable economy that has good growth figures and able workers. “Finland is known for technology, innovations, education and the game industry,” he said. These are also the areas where Salzberg sees the best opportunities for Finland in the future.

Source: Kauppalehti