Case study

Datscha brings Swedish transparency to the Finnish real estate market

Although it has just recently opened for business in Finland, Sweden's Datscha already has details of 140 000 properties on its books and website.

“Finland is an interesting market which bears great similarities to Swedish culture and the Swedish way of doing things," says Sami Vaateri, Country Director of Datscha in Finland. “However, the Swedish real estate business tends to be more open than that of Finland,” he adds.
Therefore the office in Finland is Datscha´s first outside Sweden. Datscha is the leading supplier of information services and Internet-based analysis tools for commercial properties in Sweden. Having started up in its homeland in 2000, Datsha landed in Finland ten years later.

Datscha’s turnover is around four million euros a year. The company has a clientele list of about 300 companies in seven different countries and employs 13 people, two of them in Helsinki.


Small and efficient


To begin with, Datscha is concentrating on sales and marketing to build itself up into a long-term healthy player on the Finnish real estate scene.


“This will require some recruiting, but our ambition is to have a small and efficient team focusing on sales, marketing and excellent customer service," says Carl Ekerling, Managing Director, Datscha.


In addition to the 140 000 properties here, Datscha has detailed market information on the 50 biggest municipalities in the country. Ekerling is pleased with the Finnish business climate in general but he sees differences between Sweden and Finland as well.


“My expectations for Finland were to have very straight answers, but instead of ‘Yes, we like your idea’ or ‘No, we don’t like it´, there are a lot of ´Yes, maybe ´ replies," Ekerling explains.


Although these kind of reactions have led to some frustration, the company feels it is on the right track and is very positive about its experience in Finland so far. According to Sami Vaateri, Datscha’s goal is to introduce Swedish transparency on to the Finnish market and enable clients to access information that is available in public records.

Support from Invest In Finland


Datscha is grateful for Invest in Finland’s (IIF) role in its process of getting started in this country. “We first met IIF at the MIPIM 2010 fair. As we already had plans to start up in Finland, we talked with their representatives. Some weeks later I met IIF's representative in Sweden who proved to be a valuable source and I got all the necessary information from him," Ekerling says.