Cutting-edge mobile health companies heading to Barcelona

Meet the most innovative Finnish companies at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Mobile is becoming catalyst for change and innovation also in the health and fitness world. Team Finland is brining to Mobile World Congress 2014 a group of innovative mobile health companies that impact real change in the lives of individuals by fulfilling their dreams of achieving true health and wellness.

Beddit, Cactus, PulseOn, Firstbeat, Lewel, Framgo, HeiaHeia, Korulab and Omegawave are all at the forefront of cutting-edge health and wellness technology solutions that with their state-of-the-art sensing, imaging, tracking and monitoring capabilities help users sleep and feel better, gain optimal hydration and get motivated in exercising in the most intelligent manner. With motivation and coaching embedded, users are becoming instant fans of these products.

Beddit helps people to sleep better and feel refreshed. Beddit sleep sensor technology provides accurate data and tips on how to improve one’s sleep and overall wellness leading to good, healthy life. To learn more, contact CEO Lasse Leppäkorpi +358 50 582 6074.

Caktus helps people to feel and sleep better by providing an innovative solution for tracking water intake and coaching individuals towards a more balanced hydration.
To learn more, contact CEO Panu Keski-Pukkila +358 50 3080 242

Firstbeat Technologies
Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and wellbeing. We analyze raw physiological data into rich, personalized and actionable feedback on your stress, recovery, training and fitness. The technology is used by elite sports teams, corporations, and private consumers to improve their performance and wellbeing.
To learn more, contact CEO Joni Kettunen, +358 50 324 0889.

Framgo Ltd
Framgo helps people fulfill their dreams of becoming fit and staying healthy. Their pocket size imaging tool helps people losing fat instead of weight. To learn more, contact Founding Partner Kenneth Salonius +358 50 517 23 48.

HeiaHeia is a social motivator for wellness and fitness. HeiaHeia app is an easy and fun way to share physical activity and to encourage friends, colleagues, and family to exercise more. To learn more, contact CEO Jussi Räisänen +358 50 386 6550.

Koru enables electronics to become fashion. Koru’s fine softwares and user interfaces transform the communication, mobile and wellness businesses through wearables, empowering high-end consumer electronics with beautiful and unique user experiences.
To learn more, contact CEO Christian Lindholm +358 40 045 9040.

Omegawave helps to train the body to achieve its highest potential. Omegawave is your athletic readiness assessment partner featuring training and performance optimizer solutions. To learn more, contact Marketing and Communications Specialist David Blinov +358 451057310.

PulseOn optimizes your training and maximizes the effect with a new heart rate solution that makes heart rate monitoring easier than ever.
To learn more, contact CEO Tero Mennander +358 40 518 1033

Meet at the Team Finland stand also:

Meetin.gs is the smartest way to meet, online or face-to-face. Meetin.gs is a web and mobile meeting organizer that helps professionals run better meetings in a smarter way. To learn more, contact CEO Teemu Arina +358 50 555 7636.

SkillPixels Ltd
SkillPixels helps children learn more effectively and faster than ever before through exciting educational games. SkillPixels turns schoolbooks into games with learning analytics integration.
To learn more, contact CEO Kristoffer Rosberg, +358 40 861 2805.

Source: Helsinkibusinesshub.fi