CSC to establish data center in northern Finland

Constructed in a former paper mill, the new data center aims to be one of the most eco-efficient in the world.

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd is to establish one of the world’s most eco-efficient data centers in the Renforsin Ranta business park in Kajaani, on the site of the former paper mill of UPM in northern Finland. The data center will be built jointly by CSC and UPM, and it will provide a state-of-the-art environment for supercomputers, data storage, and other demanding IT systems.

The construction work of the data center will be started during this autumn and the center will be completed in early 2012. “The data center project will strengthen the international competitiveness of Finnish research by providing an eco-efficient location for the new supercomputer and the services it will make available in Finland,” says Henna Virkkunen, Minister of Education and Culture.

CSC is a non-profit limited company administered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, providing versatile IT services, support and resources for academia, research institutes, and companies. “CSC’s decision to establish the data center in Renforsin Ranta business park in Kajaani is an important development step for the industrial complex,” says Kaj-Erik Lindberg, Vice President, Real Estate, from UPM. Established in 2008, the business park currently houses 25 companies that employ more than 500 employees.

Finland’s location and provisions are excellent for large and cost-effective IT data centers. Well-functioning data traffic, cool climate, industrial facilities, solid bedrock, and waterways create a competitive edge for building computer facilities with sustainable development.

Source: CSC