CSC to construct highly eco-efficient data center in northern Finland

Renforsin Ranta business park in Kajaani offers competitively priced green energy, an ideal climate and river water for keeping servers cool and costs down.

“The Kajaani data center project provides an excellent framework for the development of CSC data center operations. Low power consumption, good reliability and reasonable costs ensure the competitiveness and high quality of CSC’s services,” says Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of CSC. Competitively priced electricity and cooling solutions are essential in operating a data center.

Administered by Finland’s Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, CSC – IT Center for Science is part of the national research structure, developing high quality information technology services and promoting collaboration between universities and polytechnics, research institutions and companies. It also provides internationally competitive supercomputing and data communication services and is a pioneer and information provider in the latest information technologies for science.

Source: Yle, CSC – IT Center for Science