Cross-sector cooperation is key strength of Finnish pharmaceutical industry

Future trends seminar identifies new business opportunities for Finnish companies in the development of predictive and dosage technologies, patient data systems and tailored treatments.

Cooperation across sectors is the key to the success and competitiveness of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry, according to Pauli Saarenketo, director of the Pharma programme organised by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Speaking at Pharma’s annual seminar in January, Saarenketo gave the example of the research programmes of SalWe Ltd., the Strategic Center for Science, Technology and Innovation in Health and Well-being, which aim to bring together know-how from bio-, nano-, information, foodstuffs and manufacturing technologies.

The seminar discussed future trends in the medical business. Antti Haapalinna, chairperson of the seminar and director of research in the Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion, saw new business service opportunities in the commercialisation of technologies used for the predictive modeling of the efficiency and safety of medicines. The earlier it becomes possible to identify potential medicines that are not worth developing, the more cost-efficient the industry becomes. In addition to new medicines, it is equally important to develop technologies that support their use, for example dosage technology, as well as patient data systems and IT applications, according to Haapalinna.

The development of medical care towards more individual and tailored care also creates opportunities for international business activities for Finnish companies. Finland’s unique biobanks and clinical databases represent a strength even on the international level, which can be used to produce more tailor-made treatments and health applications in the future.

Source: Tekes