Construction starts on Finland’s tallest wooden apartment building

Lakea Oy’s eight-storey building will be assembled from prefabricated modular elements made by Stora Enso.

Finnish property developer Lakea Oy has started construction work on what will be Finland’s tallest wooden apartment building, located in the Kuokkala district of Jyväskylä in central Finland. The eight-storey building known as Puukuokka will be assembled from prefabricated modular elements made at Stora Enso’s factory in Hartola.

Each apartment will consist of two wooden modules. According to Stora Enso, all building services and surface materials from window frames to mouldings, including bathroom and kitchen furniture, are installed in the modules in the factory. The modules will then be transported to the weather-protected building site for assembly.

Ecological and energy-efficient

Ecological values and tighter energy efficiency requirements will encourage more wood construction in the future, according to Lakea’s Regional Director Jouni Liimatainen. “New regulations put the emphasis on the carbon footprint. As a result, wood construction is definitely more competitive than before, especially as we can make timber-framed multi-storey buildings where each apartment operates as its own unit in terms of heat insulation,” says Liimatainen in an interview with Yle.

This means that significant energy savings can be achieved, for example by reducing temperatures in the stairways, storage spaces and other communal areas. The building has been designed so that all the trunk lines for the water supply and heating as well as their distribution systems are located in the stairway areas, which makes identifying any technical problems easier. Each apartment and stairway is fitted with an automatic sprinkler system for fire safety.

Source: Yle