Competition for development of Finnish Arctic Circle resort

City of Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland is aiming to attract more visitors to its magical Christmas world.

The City of Rovaniemi , located on the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, is planning an international architectural competition to develop the area between SantaPark hill and the Santa Claus Village, which are popular destinations for tourists from around the world. According to Tarja Outila, director of planning in the city, the competition proposals should encompass architecture, landscape architecture, tourism, traffic and business.

The city is looking for proposals that are attractive and enriching for the magical Santa-themed area, but which also have a robust business concept. The aim is to develop more experiences and content for tourists visiting the area during both the summer and winter seasons.

International appeal

The Arctic Circle and the Christmas story are important brands for Rovaniemi and are also expected to inspire entries from the around the world. Most of the tourists visiting the city come from outside Finland, which is also a good reason to have an international competition. A previous competition for Rovaniemi’s Ounasvaara area attracted more than 500 proposals.

According to a study by the City of Rovaniemi, the development of the area could encourage many more people who are currently passing through the Arctic Circle area to spend more time there. The formal decision to launch the competition will be made by the municipal council of Rovaniemi.

Source: Lapin Kansa