CLT elements speed up multi-storey wood construction Finland

Stora Enso’s CLT elements are also used in the construction of the Docklands Library and Community Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Finnish property developer Lakea Oy has completed the world’s first wooden apartment building constructed from massive cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements. The six-storey building will provide rental accommodation. Lakea Oy is also planning to build 15 assisted living buildings for the elderly in Finland using the CLT elements.

Stora Enso’s CLT elements are currently in high demand and are used by major construction companies like SRV and Skanska. Stora Enso manufactures the large 2.95 x 16 metre CLT boards in Austria which are then shipped to Finland and turned into CLT elements by installing insulation, exterior cladding, windows and doors in the boards, according to the customers’ specifications.

CLT elements to Australia

Earlier this year Stora Enso delivered its first CLT shipment from Europe to Australia for the construction of the Docklands Library and Community Centre in Melbourne by Lend Lease, one of the world’s leading property and infrastructure providers. This will be the first public building in Australia to use CLT as a construction material.

“CLT can reduce construction time by one-third, and wood has the advantages of being a sustainable construction material,” says Matti Mikkola, SVP, Building Solutions, Stora Enso Building and Living. The Docklands Library and Community Centre will be the centrepiece of Victoria Harbour’s new civic heart and will attract millions of visitors annually. The major structural components of the three-storey library are made from more than 500 cubic metres of CLT.

Sources: Kauppalehti, SRV