City of Porvoo considers new Outlet centre in southern Finland

Finnish municipalities are increasingly interested in Outlet retail concepts.

The City of Porvoo in southern Finland is investigating the possibility of establishing an Outlet centre in the Kuninkaanportti retail and business area located close to the city. Kuninkaanportti is located 2.5km from the centre of Porvoo and 45km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It has 470,000 consumers within half an hour’s drive and benefits from the busy traffic on the Porvoo motorway, according to construction company SRV.

“We are conducting both long-term development work and taking faster measures that improve the attractiveness of the area,” says Fredrick von Schoultz, deputy mayor of the city. The City of Porvoo is also trying to bring in hypermarkets to the Kuninkaanportti area.

Municipalities are showing growing interest in Outlet retail concepts which have not been introduced in Finland to the same degree as in many other countries. For example, no Outlet villages have been established in Finland so far.

Source: Uusimaa