City of Kajaani to spearhead cloud services in Finland

Kajaani will host the Forge Service Lab, a development laboratory for digital services.

Kajaani in northern Finland is an excellent location for the development of cloud services thanks to its cost-efficient infrastructure and knowledgeable service developers, according to Ken Ducatel, Head of Unit, Software and Services, Cloud Computing at DG Connect, European Commission. Speaking recently at the Cloud Software Program seminar held in Kajaani, Ducatel said that the decisive factors in the cloud services business are people’s creativity and intelligence.

Finland’s Cloud Software Program (2010–2013) has been a pioneer in building new cloud business models, lean software enterprise models and open cloud software infrastructure. According to Janne Järvinen, Focus Area Director of the program, the three-year program has speeded up and strengthened the development of cloud services in Finland.

Forge Service Lab

The best results of the Cloud Software Program’s work will be processed further in the Forge Service Lab, a development laboratory for digital services which is being established in Kajaani at the CSC – IT Center for Science. Forge provides a development environment where software and services can be tested with clients before they go into production with commercial cloud service providers’ environments. Forge will be run by the Finnish company Tieto and Tivit, a non-profit company founded in 2008 consisting of 46 organisations that include private companies, universities and public bodies.

CSC is a non-profit company providing IT support and resources for academia, research institutes and companies: modeling, computing and information services. CSC provides Finland's widest selection of scientific software and databases and Finland's most powerful supercomputing environment that researchers can use via the Funet network.

Source: Kainuun Sanomat, Tivit Oy