Chinese-owned AAVI Technologies hiring in Helsinki

The company has moved into larger premises in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, in preparation of the launch of a new consumer-targeted air purifier.


AAVI Technologies is racing to take on more production workers after moving into larger premises in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.


Acquired by China's Synergy New Energy Technology in 2013, the manufacturer of filter-free air purifiers expects to more than triple its headcount in Finland – from 20 at the beginning of the year to 70 by the end of the year, according to Helsingin Sanomat.


Its expansion is related to the upcoming launch of a new range of air purifiers, the AAVI Leaf, designed and manufactured specifically for the consumer market in China.


Tom Yan, the chief executive of AAVI Technologies, is confident in both the appeal of the new product range and the purchasing power of the Chinese. Five years from now, he affirms in an interview with the newspaper, the company will have an annual turnover of €50 million, representing a 50-fold increase from 2015, and employ 150 people in Finland.


Yan says he has been impressed especially by the level of technological expertise among the product development staff in Finland.


AAVI Technologies' products are based on the numerous inventions and patents of its founder, Veikko Ilmasti. Finland is able to offer not only the expertise required by such innovative companies but also an operating environment that allows them to protect their intellectual property, reminds Chen Shi Ting, an advisor at Invest in Finland.


“The people and the culture are so professional that the risk [of rival manufacturers copying the technology] is very low,” she says.


Finland-based manufacturers, and especially those of products such as air purifiers, also stand to benefit from the country's clean image, estimates Chen. “Finland has preserved its clean air and environment so well that it offers branding value for AAVI's market recognition in China,” she explains.


Yan also expressed his great appreciation for the efforts of Invest in Finland's China team to assist the expansion by introducing AAVI Technologies to collaboration and funding partners in China.