Centre for timber and ecological construction planned in northern Finland

The construction of a new multi-storey wooden building in Pudasjärvi signals the development of a growing centre of expertise.

The Karhukannas quarter in Pudasjärvi town situated in northern Finland is being developed into a centre for log house and ecological construction. A new multi-storey wooden building will be constructed in 2012 next to the current offices of Metsähallitus, a Finnish state enterprise that administers state-owned land and water areas. The new building will house staff from the Metsäkeskus Forestry Centre, the agricultural expert organisation ProAgria, and the energy company Vapo. The EUR 1.5 million building will have offices on two floors as well as an office hotel.

Pudasjärvi City Council is planning a project to develop Karhukannas into an attractive area featuring log constructed homes that will become a model for the industry as well as a tourist attraction. Research will also be carried out on the impact of log construction on the environment.

According to Arto Pelttari, managing director of Hirsikunnas Oy, the Karhukannas quarter will have a concentration of 40-50 high-level professionals. Niilo Piisolä, director of the Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Forestry Centre, believes that Karhukunnas will become good shop window for promoting forestry and timber construction businesses.

Sources: Kaleva, Pudasjärvi City Council