Burger King to enter Finnish fast food market

Franchise deal with Finnish company Restel will create a nationwide network of Burger King restaurants.

Burger King, the world’s second largest fast food chain, is entering the Finnish market through a master franchise agreement with the Finnish hotel and restaurant chain Restel. Restel is planning to establish a nationwide network of Burger King restaurants in busy stations, shopping centres, event arenas and other good business locations. The first restaurant will open in Helsinki at the end of this year.

“We believe in the appeal of the Burger King brand. We are bringing a new alternative to the Finnish market which will also serve tourists in addition to the domestic consumers,” says Leena Turunen, Vice President of Restel’s Restaurant Division. “There is enough demand in the Finnish fast food market, which is the fastest growing market segment in the sector.”

Mutual benefits

According to Restel, Burger King’s menu in Finland will be similar to its other restaurants but the companies are also looking at possibilities to utilise local produce. “We will offer a wide range of alternatives at a reasonable price,” says Turunen.

Restel operates 49 hotels and 240 restaurants in Finland. “The agreement with Burger King will bring Restel international restaurant and concept know-how. We believe that Burger King will be a major part of our restaurant business in the future,” says Turunen. Restel is currently recruiting a chain manager and employees for Burger King.

Founded in 1954, Burger King has more than 13,000 branches across 88 countries.

Source: Restel