Bronto Skylift repatriates production to Finland

Truck mounted hydraulic platforms manufacturer Bronto Skylift values the speed, flexibility and quality of production in Finland.

Bronto Skylift, a global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms, has repatriated production from Estonia to Finland resulting in at least 20 new jobs. The company values the speed, flexibility and quality of production in Finland, according to Markus Jaatinen, production manager at Bronto Skylift.

Bronto Skylift company designs, manufactures, sells and services platforms meant for rescue and fire fighting as well as for construction work. China is a major market for Bronto Skylift and currently makes up half of the company’s turnover, according to Jaatinen. Bronto Skylift has delivered products to more than 120 countries and 95% of its turnover comes from exports. The company employs 400 people and its unconfirmed turnover in 2012 was about EUR 80 million.

High productivity in Finland

According to Invest in Finland, productivity in Finland is 4.5 times higher than in a low-cost country. Total production costs can be lower for manufacturing companies based in Finland thanks to the high level of innovation and productivity in the country.

Finland also offers a good test bed for product development and trial manufacturing in cooperation with local companies. Other significant advantages of locating a manufacturing business in Finland are its rock-solid infrastructure, celebrated educational system and prime location in Northern Europe. Finland is the ideal gateway to Russian markets and also has good transport connections to the other Nordic countries and Germany.

Sources: Satakunnan Kansa, Invest in Finland