Borealis invests EUR 100 million in Finnish plants

Borealis’ Finnish production plants in Porvoo have established a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

The Austrian company Borealis, a leading provider of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, has announced a major upgrading project at its production site located in Porvoo, southern Finland. EUR 75 million will be invested to upgrade the Borstar PE2 plant technology in Porvoo. Earlier this year, Borealis announced an investment of EUR 25 million for the installation of a new hot oil heater unit at the phenol complex of the Porvoo plant.

According to Borealis, Borstar is the cutting-edge technology which supports the production of a wide range of enhanced polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) products. With the new investment, Porvoo will be able to commercially exploit this proprietary technology at an even higher level by offering improved product properties as well as a broader operating window.

Ideal location

In over forty years of operation, Porvoo’s six production plants have earned an excellent reputation for reliability and efficiency. According to Borealis, Porvoo benefits from its close proximity to the Nordic markets and is ideally situated to serve the Russian and Eastern European industrial markets. Porvoo is also the site of one of Borealis’ three Innovation Centres. The latest investment in Porvoo will significantly enhance the location’s standing as a hub for catalyst and process research, up-scaling and demonstration.

“The Porvoo upgrade project is a sign of our commitment to further developing our proprietary Borstar technology and the establishment of one of the most modern fleets in Europe,” says Borealis Chief Executive Mark Garrett.

Source: Borealis