Aviapolis station area to be developed near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

LAK-Airport Real Estates plans to develop Aviapolis station into a lively new centre for business.

Aviapolis is a dynamic centre of international trade emerging around the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport and is the fastest-growing concentration of business in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The new railway line linking Helsinki city centre with the airport will also bring Aviapolis its own railway station, which is set to become a lively centre for businesses, services and new residents. The area around the station is owned by LAK-Airport Real Estates Plc, which is planning to bring thousands of jobs, 500-2000 residents and new services to the area.

A new hotel located near the station is planned to open in the summer of 2014. Negotiations for the new hotel are at an advanced stage, according to LAK. Other services in the area could include a grocery store and fitness facilities.

According to a study published by KTI (Finland´s Institute for Real Estate Economics) in the spring of 2008, Aviapolis is the most popular business site in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Its excellent logistics make it an unparalleled location for companies that require proximity to the best transport connections.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat, LAK-Airport Real Estates Plc