Advertising in Finland needs more creative ideas

Advertising in Finland lacks courage and the ability to differentiate, according to prominent marketing specialists Sami Salmenkivi and Jussi Liimatainen.

According to Sami Salmenkivi, planning director at TBWA Helsinki, traditional adverts still hold the power in Finland and nobody dares to differentiate. Neither does he expect a bolder approach to become more popular in the future.

Jussi Liimatainen, managing director of Ezpa marketing agency, believes that the marketing used by Finnish retail chains would not be competitive in other countries because the major retail chains produce very similar adverts instead of offering attractive brands.

According to the experts, emerging trends in advertising in Finland include a stronger focus on target groups rather than the whole population. There is also a greater emphasis on the local rather than the global, more emphasis on the brand instead of the price, and a change in mood with cheerfulness replacing gloominess.

Source: Etelä-Saimaa