Advanced eye and nose technology from Finland

Optomed Ltd is launching a new portable camera for eye imaging and Finnish universities are developing an artificial nose.

The Finnish medical device manufacturer Optomed Ltd has introduced a new generation of its portable high resolution digital medical camera, called Smartscope PRO. The camera offers superior image quality and enables both non-mydriatic fundus imaging and anterior segment imaging of the eye with one device. Its cobalt blue LEDs allow fluorescent imaging to detect a dry eye or any cuts or rashes on the surface of the eye.

“Our mission is to become the company that drives down the cost of eye disease screenings to a level where it is no longer a bottleneck for eradicating avoidable blindness in the world. With Smartscope PRO we are taking a giant leap towards reaching this goal,” says Mr. Seppo Kopsala, CEO of Optomed Ltd. Optomed’s devices are used by private clinics, public hospitals, non-government organisations and charities around the world.

Artificial nose can smell cancer

The University of Tampere and the Tampere University of Technology are developing an artificial nose for detecting odours linked to human diseases and emotions. According to the researchers, an artificial or electronic nose can be used to speed up clinical diagnosis and treatment and may also reduce health care costs.

“A few million cancer cells are enough to be smelled. A tumour only needs to be a few millimetres in size so that the artificial nose can smell the cancer cells or how the body is reacting to them,” explains Docent and vascular surgeon Niku Oksala, who leads the project. The DiagNOSE – from extrasensory olfactory cues to status of wellbeing project also involves two companies active in the field, Environics USA Inc and BioNavis Oy.

Sources: Optomed, Kaleva, Mediuutiset