Academica opens highly eco-efficient data center in Helsinki

Waste heat from the data center can provide heating and hot tap water for almost 4500 households in the city.

The first customer at Academica’s new data center is the international IT services company Atos. “Opening the eco-efficient datacenter in Helsinki that is providing the city with renewable energy is our flagship in eco-efficiency. It shows our commitment to provide our customers with high-standard IT services in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way,” says Philippe Mareine, EVP General Secretary at Atos, in charge of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Atos.

According to Tapio Koskinen, who is in charge of outsourcing services at Atos Finland, environmental friendliness and cost-efficiency are two sides of the same coin. “The super modern data center in Suvilahti enables us to offer cloud services to our global clients in a responsible and cost-efficient manner, following the principles of sustainable development,” he says.

Sources: Academica, Atos