ABB invests in new transformer production line in Finland

ABB’s factory in Vaasa is responsible for the development of specialist transformers for the global market.

Previously ABB’s small transformer cores have been cut in Vaasa and the large cores have been purchased from external suppliers, with the stacking carried out manually at the factory. In the new production line, the cutting and stacking will be automated and totally mechanised. This will save costs by significantly reducing the need for logistics and storage.


ABB is the world’s biggest manufacturer of transformers and the unit in Vaasa is responsible for ABB’s global development of specialist transformers. For example, ABB’s innovative under-water transformer technology has been developed in Finland. ABB’s factory in Vaasa produces furnace and VST transformers, offshore transformers, and transformers for railway electrification networks. The new investment shows that ABB is committed to the production of transformers in Finland, according to Mikko Helinko, ABB’s country manager in Finland. ABB has 330 employees in Vaasa.


Source: ABB