A superhub in the very heart of Helsinki

Helsinki is in the middle of a transformation that is unprecedented in Finland. According to the City’s redevelopment strategy, the goal is to create compact city sections. One of them is Pasila railway station which is located in a logistics traffic node.

The development is carried out on the “mixed-use principle”: jobs are mixed with many types of housing for different income groups, to avoid segregation along income lines and long commutes.

Beyond the shoreline, the City is taking full advantage of also inland opportunities. There is a massive undertaking about to be launched in the very heart of Helsinki in the middle of an economic zone that features 1.5 million people and have the best connections in the country. Pasila railway station and its surrounding areas will experience a total makeover in the coming years, as YIT, one of the biggest construction companies in Finland, sets out to realise its ambitious Tripla Center.

The Pasila District has been the subject of various development plans over the years, since there are great quantities of land available for construction. The new Tripla Centre promises to change everything: the tracks will go under the centre, freeing space for development. The centre will feature offices, shops and a conference centre, housing, hotel, multipurpose arena and a terminal for public transport.

Going for a Billion

Building rights of approximately 183,000 square metres will be zoned in the area, and the total value of the project is approximately EUR 1 billion. The construction of the project will begin in 2015, and it will be implemented in phases over approximately eight years.

The project will employ almost 900 people per year at the site at most, with an average annual workforce of 400 people.

Pasila Goes Vertical

The Tripla concept was created by the Dutch architects Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.) and the Finnish architect and main designer of the project is Inter- Arch Architecture.

Beyond Tripla, Central Pasila will also feature ambitious high-rise construction. There are plans for as many as ten towers in the area that will feature both offices and residential space.

Source: Real Estate Annual Finland 2014, YIT