2012 was a record year for tourism in Finland

Income from tourism increased by 17% and the number of overnight stays in Finland went up by 5.4%.

Finland enjoyed a record year for tourism in 2012. International tourists spent a total of EUR 3.2 billion on goods and services during their visit to Finland, which was 17% more than in the previous year. Expenditure by Russian and British tourists increased the most, according to the Finnish Tourist Board.

The number of overnight stays by tourists in Finnish accommodation establishments increased by 5.4% to reach a total of 5.8 million in 2012. More than 1.5 million overnight stays were recorded by Russian tourists, which was an increase of 17.1% or 220,080 on the year before. The number of nights spent in Finland also increased significantly for tourists from Japan (20.8%), Switzerland (12.6%), China and Hong Kong (10.5%), Norway (5.4%), and Britain (4.2%).

Tourism growth

In terms of absolute numbers, the major source countries for tourism to Finland are Russia, Sweden, Germany, Britain, Estonia, France, United States, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, China and Hong Kong. China has quickly grown into a major source of tourism for many European countries. In Finland the number of overnight stays by Chinese tourists is growing clearly faster than the average rate.

The number of overnight stays by British tourists increased especially during the winter season, with 28% of all their overnights stays recorded in December. Tourism from France is also focused on the winter season.

Spending by Finnish tourists abroad increased by 7% to EUR 3.7 billion in 2012.

Sources: Finnish Tourist Board, Statistics Finland