15 new compounds for cancer drugs identified

New testing methods developed by Pharmatest will also decrease animal testing in cancer drug development.

Finnish company Pharmatest Services Ltd, based in Turku, has identified 15 new compounds that are suitable for breast and prostate cancer drugs. The compounds were identified with newly developed methods using cancer cell lines for estimating the efficacy of cancer drug candidates as part of a three-year "DISC-SCREEN" research project funded by the Eurostars program of EU.

Pharmatest was able to use the methods for identifying 15 patentable drug candidates from a large group of compounds modeled in silico by the Romanian partner Centrul Pentru Cooperare Tehnologica si Industriala (CCTI) and synthesized by the Spanish partner Institut Universitari De Ciència I Tecnologia (IUCT). According to Pharmatest, the compounds were more efficient and safer than the best cancer drugs currently on the market when tested in various breast and prostate cancer cell lines.

Pharmatest, IUCT and CCTI have started negotiations with a drug development company for utilizing and patenting the results. The companies plan to start more detailed preclinical tests with 3-5 compounds within the next three months and get at least one compound to clinical studies within the next two years. The new methods developed by Pharmatest will also make it possible to decrease the use of animal testing in cancer drug development in the future.

Source: Pharmatest Services Ltd