1000 new homes in wood apartment buildings in Finland

Major developers and construction companies are now involved in the construction of wood apartment buildings in Finland.

A thousand homes in wood apartment blocks will be created in the Isokuusi area of the Vuores district in the city of Tampere, where 11 groups of companies have submitted their proposals as part of an urban planning competition. The winning proposals will be selected by a jury in November. “We have received really high quality proposals that have new and interesting creative solutions,” says Pertti Tamminen, who is a member of the jury.

Markku Karjalainen, development director of the wood construction programme at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, believes that the Isokuusi project will speed up the construction of large wood apartment buildings and modern wood cities in Finland. The interest in the Isokuusi project from major developers and other wood product industry players shows that the companies see the business opportunities in wood construction.

“This is no longer a pilot project or a laboratory. Wood apartment building is already competing with other construction methods,” he says. “Major actors are now involved, such as Stora Enso Wood, Metsä Wood, Lemminkäinen, YIT, NCC and Peab which demonstrates their growing belief in the construction of wood apartment buildings.”

Industrially manufactured PES wood elements will be used in the Isokuusi project, speeding up the construction process. There are currently 37 wood apartment buildings in Finland with a total of 649 apartments.

Sources: Metsälehti, Aamulehti