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Professional consulting services

Invest in Finland offers a full set of professional consulting services – hands-on investment services that are always tailored according to your specific needs. The services cover every stage of setting up a business in Finland, ranging from initial data collection and opportunity analysis to networking and the actual business launch.

To find out more, please choose from Invest in Finland's best-of-breed service packages below.

Please also take look at our new website that presents six steps to investing in Finland.  It provides useful information concerning planning, sources of finance, choosing a company type, finding a location, finding employees, and business services.


Data collection

High-quality data collection for a variety of companies.

Opportunity analysis

Invest in Finland closely examines business possibilities.

Entry alternatives

We help you localise your business plan in Finland.


Cooperation with private, public and educational sectors.

Location management

Invest in Finland fulfils your precise business needs.

Setting up a business

Our extended contacts network simplifies business start up.

Read the latest Fact Sheets

Information about Finnish business environment, investment incentives, legislation & labour costs.

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