There are business opportunities in Finland on other sectors too. Trade and services, travel, mining and business services
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Travel and tourism

A positive outlook for Finland’s travel and tourism market. The Finnish Travel and Tourism sector offers everything required for doing successful business: a dynamic business climate, a clean and unique environment, and a society that is both safe and internationalised.
International tourist arrivals grew by 4.4% (50 million tourists) in 2015 to reach a total of 1,184 million in 2015. This marks the 6th consecutive year of above-average growth, with international arrivals increasing by 4% or more every year since the post-crisis year of 2010.

The outlook for 2016 remains positive, though growth is expected to stay at a slightly lower level as compared to the previous two years.

Currently comprising only 2.5% of GDP, Finland’s travel sector has great potential for growth, (the EU average is 6%).
Finland offers

  •   Unique and unspoilt nature with four distinct seasons
  •   Safe and friendly atmosphere
  •   Easy transport connections to and from east, west and south
  •   Excellent business opportunities in varied business areas

State owned property business unit Laatumaa offers investment opportunities within quality land areas for leisure and business use.

Business services


Business-to-business services that help companies to develop and grow. In Finland, apart from a few major international groups, the amount of companies offering business-to-business services is relatively small. Medium-sized business services companies are almost completely missing from the market. Finland also has good opportunities in growth centres around the country. There is a growing demand for service producers due to increased outsourcing both in the public and private sectors. This creates opportunities for international companies.

Future business services opportunities

  •    Public and private sector outsourcing boosts demand for service providers. Finland needs international expertise.
  •    The number of municipalities in Finland will be reduced dramatically over the next few years, creating new opportunities     for business services providers.




Positive outlook in Finnish retail market with more buying power. The retail sector in Finland has grown significantly in the last 15 years thanks to steady population growth, rising disposable incomes, and a central location between Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countries. Finland has Europe’s – if not the world’s – most supermarket-driven retail sector. Now local consumers and retailers want to bring about a change. For international retailers, this is a great opportunity to introduce new retail approaches to a receptive consumer base.

Retail business opportunities in Finland

Finland offers an excellent infrastructure, a safe business environment, and highly qualified human capital close to the major markets. There are many good reasons to take a closer look at the business opportunities in the Finnish retail market.
Why Finland Retail makes sense?

  •   Growing demand for brands in the Helsinki metropolitan area
  •   Local consumers want to experience new retail trends
  •   Increasing demand for luxury products and discounter sales
  •   Well-established technology infrastructure creates excellent opportunities for developing E-commerce
  •   Increasingly relaxed retail opening hours regulations
  •   Finnish operators have widespread experience in Russia and the Baltic countries, offering a safe entry platform to these markets
  •   There are currently many shopping centre projects and extensions planned in Finland


Dynamic shopping centres accelerate tourist spending


A positive cause and effect trend – dynamic shopping centres and growth in tourist spending. Finns are embracing the shopping center culture, leading to the demand of a strong, leading brands and smooth customer flow planning. This has also pleased the tourists that visit Finland. In 2014, foreign tourists spent EUR 4.03 billion in Finland. Finland is seeing a significant increase in tourists visiting from Asian destinations such as Japan, China and South Korea.





Significant opportunities in a favourable mining environment.

The right geology, a long mining tradition, existing data organised in an efficient manner and services of the type required by drilling companies readily available – all of these and more make Finland a favourable investment and operating environment for the exploration industry. Mining activity is currently concentrated in gold, platinum group metals, base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals, but opportunities in many commodity products are still very much under-explored.

Finland offers new entrants to the mining sector security of tenure, political stability and a highly developed infrastructure in which everything works. Recruiting a workforce is also uncomplicated – the general level of education in Finland is high, and skilled people are available. Environmental requirements are strict, while compliance monitoring aims to minimise possible pollution. Overall government attitudes are positive and pro-mining.

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