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Industry in Finland is experiencing high growth levels in many areas, with vast potential in both well-established and innovative sectors. Many international companies have made their base here thanks to Finland's efficient infrastructure, innovative approach and strategic location. Invest in Finland's professional consultants are ready to help you find the opportunities that make the most of your investment.

Leading the cleantech sector

First-class cleantech competence from Finland.

Strong on healthcare and wellbeing

Excellent research opportunities in Finland.

Advanced ICT opportunities

Great ICT market potential with R&D expertise.

Manufacturing with a global track record

A nation of builders with high productivity.

Favourable Mining environment

The right geology and a long mining tradition in Finland.

R&D and innovation strengths

Finland at the top of R&D spending per capita.

Expanding retail sector

Finland central to Russia and Nordic and Baltic countries.

Growth in travel and tourism

Finland’s dynamic business climate and unique environment

Future and developing industries

World-class Finnish expertise in future growth areas.

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