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28.09 – 28.09.2017 / Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen

Finland in Normandy 2017





Let's celebrate 100 years of independence in Finland! In only 100 years, Finland and its 5.4 million inhabitants have become one the most dynamic countries in the world including strong innovation, exemplary parity, and education system renowned globally. Since Normandy and its 3.5 million inhabitants are no less dynamic, there are shared inspirations to be found. This exceptional day of exchanges brings together Finnish and French companies to share experience and start beneficial discussions.


Venue: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rouen


Date: September 28, 2017


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Pablo Sanz
Senior Advisor
Invest in Finland, Finpro
Mobile: +34 606 467247

Marika Sohlberg
Business developement
Mobile: +33 612 082 819