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25.05.2015 | Finland’s lower energy tax for data centres is attracting Swedish companies

Swedish company KnCMiner says it can save millions of euros by locating its next data cantres in Finland.

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20.05.2015 | Congress travel in Finland grows

Tourism income in Finland has almost doubled from year 2010 to €130 million in year 2015, despite the economic decline in Europe.

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20.05.2015 | Finland ranked among best EU countries for mHealth business

Finnish patients seek health information online and make more online appointments than their European peers.

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19.05.2015 | Continental to Buy Finnish Elektrobit Software Unit for 600 Million Euros

Automotive electronics are a major part of Hanover, Germany-based Continental’s strategy to increase annual revenue by at least 45 percent by the end of the decade.

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05.05.2015 | Power Engineers boosts renewable energy drive with Finnish expansion

Engineering consulting services firm Power Engineers has been managing projects worldwide since it began in a small town in 1976. Now the US company is strengthening its European presence by investing in a growing subsidiary in Finland.

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05.05.2015 | Finland’s top ranking in global mining survey boosts international visibility

Recognition by the annual Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies also highlights business opportunities in the Finnish mining sector, according to Invest in Finland.

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28.04.2015 | Cinia Group is building a digital highway between Finland and Germany with Hetzner Online

Hetzner is planning significant investment in Finland to meet Europe’s increasing digital capacity needs.

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28.04.2015 | Government investments yield results

German company Hetzner Online AG announced its plans to situate a new data centre in Finland.

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28.04.2015 | Finland offers growth prospects for tourism

International tourism is growing at a fast pace. The United Nations’ World Tourism Organization UNWTO has estimated that the number of trips with at least one overnight stay will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 (1.1 billion trips in 2013). The departure countries exhibiting the greatest growth are Asian and emerging countries. Finland is in a good position to attract Asian tourists, thanks to its offering that meshes well with their tastes.

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28.04.2015 | Bayer invests an annual EUR 60 million in Finnish research

Following its launch, more than 32 million of Bayer’s best-known product, the hormone-releasing intrauterine system Mirena, have been sold.

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14.04.2015 | Indian app developer GeoTech targets Europe via Finland

Indian software development company Geo Tech has been working with Scandinavian customers since 2008. Now with business booming the company has taken the next step: opening its first European operations in Helsinki, Finland.

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01.04.2015 | Turku shipyard set for major improvements

Turku’s shipyards are set to undergo major renovations with German family company Meyer.

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19.03.2015 | Supercell tops the list of world's biggest gaming companies

App Annie has published a list of world's biggest game companies who made the most turnover in 2014 in Apple's iOS and Google Play, with Finnish-based Supercell leading the pack.

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19.03.2015 | International investments in Finland increase for the second consecutive year

Foreign direct investment (FDI) increased slightly in Finland during 2014 compared to the previous year. According to statistics compiled by Invest in Finland, which operates as part of Finpro, 229 new foreign-owned companies came to Finland in 2014 compared to 213 companies in 2013. 2014 was a challenging year for FDI due to the fragile economic situation globally and in Europe as well as the uncertainty created by the crisis in the Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia.

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18.03.2015 | International holiday house network expands to Finland

After last week’s news concerning the launch of new hotels in Helsinki, the focus has shifted to Finland’s lake district with the American-owned holiday rental network Novasol expanding into the Finnish cottage markets. The news was reported by the YLE news site.

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16.03.2015 | Helsinki entices hotel real estate investors

Lately, a spate of interest in Helsinki has been seen among real estate investors involved in the hotel business.

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16.03.2015 | Shark Punch creates a matchmaker for gamers

Finnish startup Shark Punch wants to disrupt the game industry by creating the “Netflix for games”. Investors agree that such service is in demand: the company raised over a million euros in a funding round led by London Venture Partners. Due to the investment, the number of Shark Punch staff will nearly double.

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06.03.2015 | AK-Service Ltd heads west from Helsinki

AK-Service Ltd, Russia’s market leader of onboard service products, wants to make its products travel further. This year the company will open an office in Helsinki, which will serve as a stepping stone into the European market.

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06.03.2015 | Colocation in Finland: Case LiquidNet Ltd

The attractiveness of Nordic countries in terms of data centers have been in the discussion already a while. A naturally cool environment, stable political and geographical conditions lure investors, companies and customers.

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02.03.2015 | Finnis start-up Bttn helps Traditional taxi industry strikes back

France’s leading radio taxi operator launches concierge service with Bttn

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27.02.2015 | Saving lives in Finnish hospitals

Saving lives in Finnish hospitals with a secure cloud and mobile based communication system

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03.02.2015 | Bloomberg: Finland is the world's 4th most innovative country

Bloomberg's 2015 ranking of the world's 50 most innovative countries is flattering to Finland, ranked fourth after South Korea, Japan and Germany.

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29.01.2015 | World class model district of smart urban development in Helsinki

Helsinki city Kalasatama area is being built into a worldclass model district of smart urban development.
The area is developed through agile piloting, and the use of ICT technology and data.

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08.01.2015 | German retail chain Lidl has boosted competition in Finland

New ideas and adapting to the Finnish market have made Lidl a respected competitor, according to Aamulehti.

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02.12.2014 | Finland is still one of the most attractive mining countries in the world

Report: Mining industry fluctuations are visible throughout the value chain. Finnish mining industry products will be needed in the future.

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01.12.2014 | Russian companies show growing interest in Finland

Successful Rubicon Forum event fosters more business cooperation between Finnish and Russian companies.

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